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This play was written by Jeff Stetson and directed by Mark Spencer of the West Side Theater Guild and three other talented men brought their art to the stage Saturday, February 17th. This depiction of the significant meeting of two great men was very enlightening to me. Listening to Ryan Robinson as Malcolm X, I could really feel the heat of the situation as it unveiled, and at the same time, I noticed how he kept his cool through it all. Jonathan Floyd Moore as Martin Luther King showed his knowingly calm spirit, laid back but strong and heartfelt disposition and patient attitude that Mr. King had. Mr. D'Amaz gave a convincing performance as well. We all raised at the end to give them all their just due on a superb job.

The Gary Post

L-R Jonathan Floyd Moore as Dr. Martin Luther King, and Ryan Robinson as Malcom X in the play The Meeting.

L-R Ryan Robinson, Mark Spencer, D'Amaz Gaston and Jonathan Floyd Moore.

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