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The Journey

with My Friend

James Meredith

60 Years of Friendship

I want you to take a trip back in history with me for a moment.  This was during the 1960's when my friend, James, and I toured the South.  Since my friend decided to exercise his constitutional rights and apply to the University of Mississippi, everywhere we went, we were met with some sort of confrontation.  Never did our friendship waver and never did I think twice when my friend called me to be with him.  Our friendship has grown tremendously over sixty years.  So after videotaping my friend at the revealing of the statue at Ole Miss, I've decided now to release the story about one of our true heroes and my good friend, James Meredith. 


by Jerraine Record  

Dr. Tommy Williams is an entrepreneur that has been in the business of advertising for some time now earning a doctorate in communications.  He also just received a business and entrepreneurship award from the Governor of the State of Indiana.

Brian Anthony Record has been recording with his father, the late great legend, Eugene Record of the renowned group, the Chi-Lites, since the age of 7 and now is a computer programmer for

LaTrice Long is a radio host on the hit show "2 to 5 drive" on WLTH and has been in the business for some time now and also on the morning show “The Breakfast Club”.

Jeffrey Smith has been in the voice over business for sometime now and you can recognize his voice on tons of radio ads over the years. He is also a member of the morning show on WLTH talk radio.

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