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Pulaski is a neighborhood in eastern Gary, Indiana. It is roughly triangular in shape, bounded on the south by the Borman Expressway, on the west by Maryland Street, and on the northeast by the Norfolk Southernrailway.[1] It is separated by an industrial corridor from Aetna to its east and Emerson to its north; it directly adjoins the neighborhoods of Midtown and Glen Park. As of 2000, Pulaski's population was 6,777, which was 96.7% African-American, 1.4% white, and 1.3% of Hispanic ethnicity.[1]

Pulaski was originally settled by white ethnicmillworkers from the 1920s to 1950s.[2] It was one of the first neighborhoods in Gary to be integrated, as upwardly-mobile African-American families moved in from neighboring Midtown in the 1950s.[3] In 1970, the neighborhood's population was 11,825, nearly double what it is today.[4]

The neighborhood was the site of Gary's first experiment with urban renewal, beginning in 1963.[5] This experiment caused considerable damage to the community.[6]

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